Most people teach list-building like this:


1. Create a lead magnet that attracts a lot of people regardless of how good of a fit they are for your products or services. 2. Send an automated email sequence. 3. Pitch.

But we don’t think that’s the smart way.


This is what profitable email list-building actually looks like:


1. Invite a consistent flow of new people into your brand.

2. Offer a smart, strategic sample (often a free opt-in) that relates to your eventual paid solution.

3. Use emails as a way to show up, teach, and engage with your new audience. Build a story they can’t ignore. Offer them your paid solutions as a part of your overall storytelling, and make sure you choose a single, clear sales method.

4. Read the data and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Adjust your engagement and sales strategy. Then repeat steps 3 and 4.


So, how does this 👆🏽compare with your current strategy?

And, how confident are you that in the next 30 - 90 days you’ll implement a strategy that grows your list with the right people and allows you to sell your products or services? Scale of 0 to 10?


If you answered anything below a 9, we want to work with you to build your email list the smart way.

SERVE is amazing.png

We created SERVE Academy (which is now bundled with 2 outrageous bonus “arsenals”) to help you connect with customers who are willing and ready to pay you.

And, we’re including TWO intimate group coaching calls (the first one to get you focused on your business model, strategy, and your lead magnet; and the second to refine your strategy and your sales process) so you DON’T feel stuck and you DO know how to get results.


Having even one email list that can generate income on-demand has been life-changing. But building multiple lists that can support us full-time each by themselves has shown us that we have something valuable to share.

Ready to build your most key business asset with us?

Regina (left) and Allie (right), here. We run several email lists, both together and independently, which have not only helped us create powerful online communities, but have also supported our lives full time . . . and much, much more.

And even though we now have a health and wellness email list of over 5,000 people (connected to a site that makes a full-time income on its own) and a business email list of over 40,000 people, we both started earning meaningfully from much smaller email lists.

Regina launched her first digital program when she had 71 people on her list . . . and she started making $1,000 per month immediately. And Allie switched business models and started making a full-time living from her services when she had less than 600 people on her list.

SERVE Academy is not just some list-building course. It is personalized coaching and just the right amount of self-paced trainings to learn how to grow an engaged audience and take them through your sales cycle. (Not sure what your sales cycle is? Don’t worry, we cover that in depth in SERVE.)

But the epic thing is, the SERVE Academy experience shares everything in such a way where you only have to truly learn it once. Then you can practice it, repeat it, and know how to grow an active customer list in any niche. That is powerful 👀.

8 Weeks of Structured Guidance.png

Weeks 1 & 2:
Lay your foundation.
Set up creative constraints around your free and paid offers. Clearly define your business model.

Note: Weeks 1 & 2 unlock the day you enroll. You will also get access to our private community so you can come introduce yourself.

Interest to Action Spectrum Lesson Mockup.png

In Week 1 you will:

Do an unforgettable research activity to help you learn more about your customers, even if you already know them, and even if you have been serving them already.

Be challenged with a customer interaction activity that will get you talking to the people you plan to sell to.

Refine how you frame the product or service you currently offer . . . or develop your hypothesis on what people would be willing to buy from you so that we have something to test out for the rest of the SERVE Academy experience.

24 Business Models Lesson Mockup.png

In Week 2 you will:

Build in creative constraints around your free offer to make sure it matches and excites the type of clients who will pay you well for what you do.

Note: Contrary to what's taught elsewhere, not all freebies or "lead magnets" are created equal, and neither are all business models.

Create constraints around your paid offer to make sure you're choosing something you'll enjoy and something that is practical with your current brand reach.

Choose from over 20 business models with examples to help illustrate each one.

Figure out key ways to serve potential customers and gather extremely helpful data/information from them . . . and MORE.

Shev Quote.png

Weeks 1 & 2 are key to our work together.

They set the foundation for your list-building and sales cycle . . . as well as for our Kickstart Strategy Call (with either Allie and/or Regina), which you can register for and attend within your first 30 days.


Kickstart Strategy Call (Intimate Group Coaching)

Complete your Week 1 & Week 2 work to hop on this call with Allie and/or Regina.

After you've completed the work in Weeks 1 & 2, you will be able to schedule your Kickstart Strategy Call with us (hosted by either Allie and/or Regina).

We will work on an exact plan for the primary way you will build your list and the primary way you will sell to your new customers. We’ll take turns in our intimate group and help each other brainstorm. Imagine being able to leave with a customized prescription and new friends to help hold you accountable.

Note: It’s important to keep moving towards your goals, so your Kickstart Strategy Call must be scheduled and held within 30 days of the date you join SERVE Academy.

👉🏽 Come ready to take lots of notes because these calls always offer a ton of insight, ideas, and exact next steps.

👉🏽 You’ll leave with actions you can take as soon as we hang up to start growing your list with the right people.

Call Testimonials 2.png
Call Testimonials 1.png


Weeks 3 & 4:
Learn how to welcome your audience to your list and lead them towards a sale. Discover the 4-part cycle for list-building and sales. Choose how you will sell to your customers.
Get targeted trainings on webinars, sales calls, and selling via email.

Note: Week 3 unlocks in the third week after you enroll & 4 unlocks at the start of the fourth week.

SERVE Week 3 Preview.png

It’s important to test your product/service ideas by actually selling to your list . . . in smart, human ways of course.

So, in Week 3 you will:

Discover the 4-part cycle for building your list of active/attentive people and selling to your customers; this will be key (far into the future) to the growth of your business or any project you need a platform for

Understand how to set up and present sales calls to help you master 1-on-1 sales.

Learn the keys of selling during a group office hours call or a webinar; this will bring so much confidence and direction to your every presentation.

Learn how to craft effective sales emails and get our sales email formulas that give you a head start on creating emails that convert.

SERVE Week 4 Preview.png

In Week 4 you will:

Pull from our nurture/welcome sequence formulas that you can adapt for your audience

Learn the 10 types of emails you can send to your list regularly

Set up your email sequence so people who sign up for your free offer are taken on a guided journey to your paid content or services

SERVE Week 4 Example 2.png

Kate Quote.png


Weeks 5 & 6:
Learn exactly* how to get your brand and products in front of new customers and grow your list of contacts.
*We mean, exactly exactly. There is nothing vague about this material.

Note: You will unlock Week 5 and 6 both at the start of your fifth week in SERVE.

SERVE Week 5 Preview.png

In Week 5 you will:

Learn the 5 major ways to get your content and products in front of potential customers; this is the area that most people get wrong because there is a more complete way of looking at it than "earned, owned, and paid media" . . . you will learn a better framework.

Do deep dives on two free ways and one paid way to get in front of the right people

SERVE Week 6 Preview.png

In Week 6 you will:

Learn powerful tweaks you can make to your social media accounts to attract more of the right customers to your free “sample” (a.k.a. lead magnet)

Understand how to transform your website to get more signups to your email list

Get exact scripts and ideas for connecting with your current contacts and getting their help to grow


Refine Your Strategy and Sales Process Call (Intimate Group Coaching)

Complete your Kickstart Call and your Week 5 work to hop on this call with Allie and/or Regina.

After you’ve completed your Kickstart Call (in your first 30 days after enrolling) and completed the work in Week 5, you’ll be ready to schedule your next small group coaching call (must be scheduled and held between days 31 - 60 after you join SERVE) where we’ll get specific about how you can tweak your strategy to serve and sell more.

Learning in a small group gives you access to others’ behind-the-scenes efforts and can lead to more refined strategies and accountability 🎉.

Come ready to take notes again. This call will be extremely key in learning how to analyze, brainstorm, and settle on new ways to delight and sell to your customers.

Ideas and Data.png

Weeks 7 & 8:
Modify your strategies based on (finally) reading your data the right way and gathering key insights from it.
Set up systems that help you continue to grow.
Learn how to scale your audience growth efforts after you develop a sales cycle that works.

Note: Week 7 unlocks seven weeks after you enroll & 8 unlocks at the start of the eighth week.

SERVE Week 7 Preview.png

In Week 7 you will:

Learn what data is actually important to your list growth and sales cycle

Understand what you should read (data-wise) and how often you should read it

Get ideas for how to modify what you offer and how you present it to make it work even better

Get ideas for how to build on what's working

Learn the fundamentals of hiring and building your team

SERVE Week 8 Preview.png

In Week 8 you will:

Discover how to develop challenges and events that help you grow your list rapidly

Learn how to host full-scale online conferences that will delight your audience and get a lot of organic buzz

Discover more about how to collaborate with brands and influencers who can push your platform forward and expand your reach

Learn a trick to get one year of emails written easily

Whoa 👀! Does this sound like too much information to tackle?

Don’t worry, it’s not. We specifically designed SERVE to provide essential guidance into building your email list and selling, without providing distractions or an overwhelming amount of content. Plus. You keep access to this content so you don’t have to finish it all in 8 weeks.

An important note on these arsenals:
Attractive graphics and quality lead magnets are an important part of list-building and selling. These arsenals will help you get your visuals and opt-ins done faster and better. Use them to the fullest, you will not regret it.


Bonus 1: Audience Magnet Arsenal 2.0

AMA 2 Preview.png


  • Create an engaging quiz for your audience from scratch

  • Create an epic mini-course in a weekend or less

  • Craft an email course that you can offer as your free lead magnet

  • Set up a virtual office hours program that helps you grow your audience and add expertise into your platform

  • Create attractive PDF workbooks for your webinars (or as standalone opt-ins/products)

  • Plan, record, and edit your first (or next) video series

  • Create checklists or cheat sheets that are valuable and that excite people about your products or services

  • Create an audio series that you can use as a bonus, a product, or a lead magnet

  • And more

This arsenal of tutorials and templates will cut your work time down drastically and help you create more valuable, more attractive, and more compelling products and lead magnets for your audience that get them excited to use and share your content.

Bonus 2: Visual Arsenal 3.0

VA 3 Preview.png

This insanely valuable course and tutorial library is broken into three main sections:


Section 1



👉🏽 You’ll learn how to create your brand’s Visual Theme Kit (VTK).

Meaning: You'll know exactly how to choose photos, colors, fonts, and other elements that you will use repeatedly in emails, social media posts, on your website, on sales pages, and in other brand materials.


👉🏽 You’ll also learn how to create Facebook ads and Instagram Stories ads that stand out to your ideal clients.


👉🏽 You’ll access a whole tutorial on creating visual cohesion on your Instagram account and beyond.


👉🏽 You’ll access a tutorial on creating mockups for your sales pages, emails, website, and more.


👉🏽 And you’ll also learn how to create animated GIFs, pricing charts, testimonial graphics, and other key sales page images. You’ll even get access to a full lesson on the psychology of color and the power of imagery.


Section 2


  • Develop your blog post, video cover, or podcast graphic template

  • Create share graphics for Twitter and Facebook

  • Create amazing and engaging infographics to help you teach and sell

  • Create square social media images and quotes

  • Create mockups for your content and products

  • Design eBook covers

  • Design attractive slides for webinars, lessons, and presentations

  • And so much more


Section 3


  • The foundations of good photography

  • How to take amazing photos using your DSLR

  • How to get stunning photography with your phone

  • How to edit photos on both your phone and your computer


Visual Arsenal 3.0 is packed with so much value, it's easily a $995 course by itself. 👀



So, your only way to claim both of the bonus arsenals (which are not sold separately) AND get everything at the lowest price possible is to join us in SERVE Academy before time runs out.

When you join us in SERVE (before these bonuses and price expire), you get immediate access to the two bonus arsenals; your Week 1 and Week 2 lessons start the day you enroll as well. Week 3 will be released at the beginning of the third week, and every week following will “drip” out to you a week after the last.

The links to book your intimate group strategy calls will drip out to you in your dashboard as well.

As you’re working through SERVE and waiting for the next week of content to be released, you’ll always have the two arsenals to work through plus any of your previous weeks’ lessons and assignments.

Polly Quote.png

So, let’s recap and do some math.

SERVE is amazing.png
Serve is amazing 2.png

SERVE Academy Lessons and Resources | NORMALLY $695
“Kickstart Your Strategy” Group Coaching Call | NORMALLY $249
“Refine Your Strategy” Group Coaching Call | NORMALLY $249
Audience Magnet Arsenal 2.0 | $195
Visual Arsenal 3.0 | $995
Private Community of Support and Love | $Can’t even price this

Normal Total : $2,383


Join us for one payment of $495 before your bonuses expire and the price increases.

It’s really $495 (for a limited time) for all the lessons—released weekly—as well as your two bonus arsenals (available immediately after you join us), and the two group strategy calls. Not to mention our private Facebook Group just for SERVE Academy Members.

"I like the sound and look of all these materials, but will it work for me? Who is this a good fit for?"

The SERVE Academy Framework is the same framework that we personally use and adapt for new brands, for our list of over 5,000 people, and for our list of over 40,000 people.

It’s the same system we teach to people who are just starting out (who have a clear idea of how they can help others) as well as those who are established but want to pivot or grow . . . whether in health and wellness, business/career niches, or other creative fields . . . anyone with a goal of helping people through DIY (do-it-yourself) information, or DFY (done for you) and DWY (done with you) services. That said, SERVE is not for everyone.


  • Anyone not clear at all about how they want to serve their audience or what skills/knowledge they have to help people.

  • Anyone who is looking for an “easy” or “fast” way to make money online, rather than committed to a long game of truly serving their audience.

  • Anyone who is not willing to make decisions and move forward with testing their strategies and product(s). (We want action takers, not course collectors!)


  • Someone with knowledge and skills they know can transform people's businesses and/or lives.

  • Someone willing to put in the work and complete the work in each week/module—including the work of making decisions that they will test out for 8+ weeks.

  • Someone who wants to create online courses, workshops, group coaching, consulting services, or other teaching/coaching products, and wants a solid system for building towards a consistent, full-time income.

  • Someone who is interested in finding new, smart ways to attract paying customers.

  • Someone who likes to help other people and is not opposed to doing some 1-on-1 work or 1-on-group work this year.

  • Someone who likes to think critically about what they're doing and who they're serving.

  • Someone who understands the money they are trading (ex: two days of salary, or an upsell on a client project, etc.) and the time they are trading (8 weeks or more) in SERVE Academy in order to receive this guided process that will help them attract more customers, work with better clients, and build a solid, sustainable, scalable business.

If this sounds like you, SERVE Academy might just transform the way you’ve been building your business. Want to join us?

Who is “us” by the way?

Regina Beta Bio Pic.jpg

Regina, here. I have been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. We're talking everything from freelance writing full time and designing event invitations to creating WordPress websites and publishing my own books.

I've written for, or been featured in, places such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur and events such as Teachable's annual online summit and ConvertKit's IRL (in real life) yearly conference.


I've spent a considerable amount of time over the last few years coaching people through business model issues and developing customized plans to grow their list and sell.

Quick stats:

  • I speak at multiple, large events each year on humanizing your sales funnels and building low-maintenance businesses with low overhead.

  • I studied business management in college, but have gained most of my experience (duh) from starting and running in-person and local businesses (like a cleaning business and a magazine) to starting and running brands online (like a whole different magazine and an invitation design firm).

  • I've built an email list of over 50,000 people and a Facebook Group with over 10,000 amazing business humans; also, I'm a registered yoga teacher and have 3 other fitness certifications as well 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  • When I'm not teaching/writing, I'm usually pretending to work out, searching for vegan food in some random city in the world, or watching action flicks.

Allie Beta Bio Pic.jpg

Allie here. I am a writer and educator . . . and I love using my people-person superpowers to humanize online business. In my past life, I used to run the entire backend of multiple six-figure businesses, and in my current life, I'm managing multiple brands across the food, wellness, travel, and business industries.

You'll catch me both behind the scenes of beta & beyond creating content, as well as front and center co-teaching with Regina.

Quick stats:

  • I have a BA in Literature and Writing Studies (and have written in diverse niches from magazine and food writing to technical writing in the software industry and medical industry).

  • I received the Outstanding Graduate award 🎉 with my MS in Instructional and Performance Technology (think of this as organizational and workplace learning; I love teaching and helping fellow adults).

  • I have built multiple influential Instagram accounts in a wide variety of niches--and have consulted with entrepreneurs on their copywriting, messaging, and visuals for the last 5 years.

  • Before all this, I worked with Hewlett Packard’s Global Content/Product Data Management as an image specialist.

  • When I'm not teaching/writing, I'm hanging out on Instagram (here or here usually), getting my passport stamped somewhere in the world, or helping spread the word about brands that create impact and social good in the world. Life is epic when I'm doing all three at the same time.

  • I've never seen John Wick--which caused major problems with Regina for the first few months of working together 😂.

We care deeply about your success and have tested our materials personally in different niches to make sure we’re only sharing what is working right now for people in B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) markets.