SERVE (List-Building & Sales Cycle Academy)

The rumors are true. If you missed our initial offer, SERVE is back with some amazing bonuses and a new special price.

You've probably noticed that the Internet has gotten crowded and noisy . . . but you've also probably seen that your competitors are still finding customers who want and need what they provide. Well have no fear. SERVE Academy (which is now bundled with Visual Arsenal 3.0) can help you connect with people who are willing and ready to pay you.


Hey. Regina here. I have two email lists that help me sleep at night. I'll tell you why, and why I want the same for you.

1. My first email list (for freelancers and coaches) of over 27K people supports my life full time and pays salary for two other people.

2. My second email list (health and wellness) of over 5K people is connected to a site that makes a full-time income on its own, and now that I have a new product to release to this audience, my email list will help me sell it.

Having even one list that can generate income on-demand has been the most key asset in my business for the last 4 years. But guess what? My list was generating meaningful income for me even when it had less than 100 people on it.

Whether you're at 0 trying to get to 100, or you're at 5,000 trying to get to 50,000 (yes, I've grown a list beyond this number before--and the concept is still the same) . . . growing your list with people who buy from you is key for modern, online businesses.

SERVE Academy is the place where you learn to not just grow an email list, but to serve and connect with potential customers in a way that grows all your important platforms, while allowing you to test and ensure that you are building with the people who actually buy from you.

SERVE Academy is not just some list-building course. It is personalized coaching and just the right amount of trainings and activities to learn how to grow an engaged audience and take them through your sales cycle. But the epic thing is, the SERVE Academy experience shares everything in such a way where you only have to truly learn it once. Then you practice it, repeat it, and know how to grow an active customer list in any niche.

Check out the weekly outline below.


Week 1
Set the foundation.
Develop your hypothesis.
Prepare for our 1-on-1 strategy call.

Note: Week 1 starts the day after you enroll. The day you enroll, you get access to our private community so you can come introduce yourself.

We will start with the foundational activity of essentially developing or clarifying your business hypothesis. What do I mean? You will go beyond the average amount of clarity on who you want to help and why you feel drawn to help them. Then, you will:


Do an unforgettable research activity to help you learn more about your customers

Be challenged with a customer interaction
activity that will get you talking to the people you plan to sell to

Develop your hypothesis on what people would be willing to buy from you so that we have something to test out for the rest of the SERVE Academy experience


Week 1 is key to our work together. It sets the foundation for your list-building and sales cycle, as well as for our 1-on-1 strategy call.


1-on-1 Strategy Call

(Held after Week 1)

Our time to work together to plan exactly how you will build your list and sell.

After you've completed the work in Week 1, you will be able to schedule a 1-on-1 strategy call with me (it must be scheduled and held within 30 days of the date you join SERVE Academy) where we will work on an exact plan for the primary way you will build your list and the primary way you will sell to your new customers.


Come ready to take lots of notes because I do my homework before our call, and will ask you key questions, plus give you several next steps to take

Note: You will be learning list-building and sales strategies for the next 7 weeks, but in our call I'll give you actions you can take as soon as we hang up to start growing your list with the right people

We will craft a custom 6-week plan for you while on our call--you will leave with clear actions and a "prescription" of what to pay attention to and do in the rest of the SERVE Academy program

I highly recommend working with Regina if you coach or teach online. In one call with her, she suggested a quick tweak to one of my digital products that totally changed the value of it, only took a short time to implement, and completely changed my motivation to promote and sell this product Iā€™d had for years. Also, by implementing it I had ideas on how to create an upsell for it which will help me to create a funnel! So happy with our time together.
— Helena (a professional organizer with a love for creating beautiful homes)
Carin Headshot.jpg
My 1-on-1 call with Regina resulted in total clarity on how to structure my new program and a complete plan for how Iā€™m proceeding with my business promotions!
— Carin Kilby Clark (works with busy moms starting a purpose-driven business)


Week 2
Set up creative constraints for your free opt-in offer and your paid offer.
Clearly define your business model.

Contrary to what's taught elsewhere, not all freebies or "lead magnets" are created equal, and neither are all business models. In Week 2 you will:


Build in creative constraints around your freebie offer to make sure it matches and excites the type of clients who will pay you well for what you do

Create constraints around your paid offer to make sure you're choosing something you'll enjoy and something that is practical with your current brand reach

Choose from over 20 business models with examples and more

Figure out key ways to serve potential customers and gather extremely helpful data/information from them

Brainstorm ideas for one of the top three types of lead magnets then learn how to create them efficiently

Freebie Value Scale.png

Run through an exercise to construct a common "self-story" for your ideal customer


Week 3

Learn the 4-part cycle for list-building and sales.
Choose how you will sell to your customers.
Get targeted trainings on webinars, sales calls, and selling via email.

Building a list without a purposeful path towards a paid offer is quite simply not the best use of your time when you could be building a list that directs people, warms them up, and helps determine whether or not they'll be an awesome customer in the future. In Week 3 you will:


Discover the 4-part cycle for building your list of active/attentive people and selling to your customers; this will be key (far into the future) to the growth of your business or any project you need a platform for

Understand how to set up and present sales calls to help you master 1-on-1 sales

Learn the keys of selling during a group office hours call or a webinar; this will bring so much confidence and direction to your every presentation

Learn how to craft effective sales emails and get my sales email formulas that give you a head start on creating emails that convert


Week 4
Develop the sequence of emails that will lead to your pitch or sales call . . . the smart way.

To greatly reduce the amount of work you're doing to create meaningful sequences of content after someone signs up for your list (which is the focus of Weeks 5 and 6), in Week 4 you will:


Pull from my nurture/welcome sequence formulas that you can adapt for your audience

Learn the 10 types of emails you can send to your list regularly


Set up your email sequence so people who sign up for your free offer are taken on a guided journey to your paid content or services


Weeks 5 - 6

Learn exactly how to get your brand and products in front of new customers and grow your list of contacts. I mean, exactly exactly. There is nothing vague about this material.

These two weeks alone are worth at least 5x the price of the whole SERVE Academy experience. In Weeks 5 and 6 you will:


Learn the 5 major ways your content and products can get in front of potential customers; this is the area that most people get wrong because there is a more complete way of looking at it than "earned, owned, and paid media" . . . you will learn a better framework

Establish your list growth routine based on our work during your 1-on-1 call and the specific strategies shared in this section

Do deep dives on two free ways and one paid way to get in front of the right people

Understand 3 actually powerful tweaks you can make to your social media bios and your website to get more signups


Week 7
Refine your strategies based on (finally) reading your data the right way and gathering key insights from it.
Set up systems that help you continue to grow.

This week is key to being able to improve on your results thus far. In Week 7 you will:


Learn what data is actually important to your list growth and sales cycle

Understand what you should read and how often you should read it

Get ideas for how to modify what you offer and how you present it to make it work even better

Get ideas for how to build on what's working


Week 8

Learn how to scale your audience growth efforts after you develop a sales cycle that works.

Instead of repainting a car that doesn't run, or building more rooms in a house that has a shaky foundation, you will learn to scale up your audience growth efforts after you have a sales cycle that is performing well. You will get ideas for:


Challenges and events that help you grow your list rapidly

Full-scale online conferences that will delight your audience and get a lot of organic buzz

Collaborating with brands and influencers who can push your platform forward and expand your reach in a scaled up way

Learn a trick to get one year of emails written easily

I did a strategy call with Regina, and after I implemented what she told me, I made more money immediately.
— Masiel (works with high achievers who want to get and stay fit)

So, other than a targeted 8-week program and our 1-on-1 strategy work, what will help you expand your reach with the right customers?

Probably these two bonus arsenals of tutorials and templates that I'm offering for a limited time:


šŸŽ‰ Bonus 1: Audience Magnet Arsenal 2.0 šŸŽ‰


In Audience Magnet Arsenal, you will learn how to:

  • Create an engaging quiz for your audience from scratch

  • Create an epic mini-course in a weekend or less

  • Craft an email course that you can offer as your free lead magnet
  • Set up a virtual office hours program that helps you grow your audience and add expertise into your platform
  • Create attractive PDF workbooks for your webinars (or as standalone opt-ins/products)
  • Plan, record, and edit your first (or next) video series
  • Create checklists or cheat sheets that are valuable and that excite people about your products or services
  • Create an audio series that you can use as a bonus, a product, or a lead magnet
  • And more

This arsenal of tutorials and templates will cut your work time down drastically and help you create more valuable, more attractive, and more exciting products and lead magnets for your audience.


Bonus 2: Visual Arsenal 3.0

This insanely valuable course and tutorial library is broken into three main sections.


Section 1

First, you'll go through foundational lessons that teach you how to create cohesive visuals without everything being the same šŸ™„.

You'll learn how to create your Brand's Visual Theme Kit (VTK).

Meaning: You'll know exactly how to choose photos, colors, fonts, and other elements that you will use repeatedly in emails, social media posts, on your website, on sales pages, and in other brand materials.

VTK Examples.png

You'll also learn how to create Facebook ads and Instagram Stories ads that stand out to your ideal clients.

Mikli 5-part Carousel Ad.png

You'll access a whole tutorial on creating visual cohesion on your Instagram account and beyond.

Creating Cohesive Visuals.png

You'll access a tutorial on creating mockups for your sales pages, emails, website, and more.

Mockup Final Examples.png

And you'll also learn how to create animated GIFs, pricing charts, testimonial graphics, and other key sales page images. As well as access a full lesson on the psychology of color and the power of imagery.

Example Animated Mockup GIF.gif

Section 2

In this section, you'll access additional/expanded lessons on multiple types of visuals that are key to your brand You will learn how to:

  • Develop your blog post, video cover, or podcast graphic template

  • Create share graphics for Twitter and Facebook

  • Create amazing and engaging infographics to help you teach and sell
  • Create square social media images and quotes
  • Create mockups for your content and products
  • Design eBook covers
  • Design attractive slides for webinars, lessons, and presentations
  • And so much more
SM image examples.png

Section 3

And finally you'll be able to dive deep into lessons on photography. You'll learn:

  • The foundations of good photography
  • How to take amazing photos using your DSLR
  • How to get stunning photography with your phone
  • How to edit photos on both your phone and your computer

Visual Arsenal 3.0 is packed with so much value, it's easily a $995 course by itself. šŸ‘€

Mockup Example.png

These bonuses are only available for a limited time and are not currently sold separately.

So, your only way to claim both of the bonus arsenals (plus get everything at the lowest price possible) is to join us in SERVE Academy before time runs out.


When you join us in SERVE Academy (before time is up)  you get immediate access to the two bonus arsenals; your Week 1 list-building and sales cycle lessons start the day you enroll as well. Each week will "drip" out to you a week after the last one. You'll also be able to reserve your 1-on-1 call with me after you're done with your Week 1 work.

So as you're working through SERVE and waiting for the next week of content to be released, you always have the two arsenals to work through plus any previous weeks of lessons and assignments.

An important note on the arsenals: Attractive graphics and quality lead magnets & products are obviously an important part of list-building and of selling. These arsenals will help you get it done faster and better. Use them to the fullest, you will not regret it.


"This sounds great and all, Regina, but will it work for me? Who is this a good fit for?"

The SERVE Academy framework is the same framework I personally use and adapt for new brands, for my list of over 5,000 people, and for my list of over 27,000 people.

It's the same system I teach to people who are just starting out (who have a clear idea of how they can help others) or who are established and want to pivot or grow--whether in health and wellness, business/career, or other creative fields where their goal is helping people.

This experience is for:

  • Someone with knowledge and skills they know can transform people's businesses and/or lives.
  • Anyone willing to put in the work and complete the work in each week/module.
  • Someone who wants to create online courses, workshops, group coaching, or other teaching/coaching products, and wants a solid system for building towards a consistent, full-time income. Someone who is interested in finding new, smart ways to attract paying customers.
  • Someone who likes to help other people and is not opposed to doing some 1-on-1 work or 1-on-group work this year.
  • Someone who likes to think critically about what they're doing and who they're serving.
  • Someone who understands the money they are trading (ex: two days of salary, or an upsell on a client project, etc.) and the time they are trading (8 weeks or more) in SERVE Academy in order to receive this guided process that will help them attract more customers, work with better clients, and build a solid, sustainable, scalable business.


Let's break it down:

SERVE Academy Lessons and Resources | Normally $595
1-on-1 Strategy Call | Normally $370
Audience Magnet Arsenal 2.0 | $195
Visual Arsenal 3.0 | $995

Normal Total : $2,155

But, we have introductory pricing available for a limited time.


Join us for one payment of $495 before your bonuses expire and the price increases.

And no, I'm not joking.

It's really $495 for all the lessons (released weekly starting the day you join us), your 1-on-1 strategy call, AND the two bonus arsenals (available immediately after you join us) . . . not to mention a private Facebook Group just for SERVE Academy members.


So, who is your host during SERVE Academy?


Regina, here. I have been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. We're talking everything from freelance writing full time and designing event invitations to creating WordPress websites and publishing my own books.

I've written for, or been featured in, places such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur and events such as Teachable's annual online summit and ConvertKit's IRL (in real life) yearly conference.


I've spent a considerable amount of time over the last few years coaching people through business model issues and developing customized plans for evergreen funnels (using Instagram!) that don't involve constant launching of their knowledge-based products . . . unless they enjoy launching.

Quick stats:

  • I speak at multiple, large events each year on humanizing your sales funnels and building low-maintenance businesses with low overhead
  • I've built an email list of over 50,000 people and a Facebook Group with over 10,000 amazing business humans; also, I'm a registered yoga teacher and have 3 other fitness certifications as well
  • When I'm not teaching/writing, I'm usually pretending to work out, searching for vegan food in some random city in the world, or watching action flicks

I care deeply about your success and have tested my materials personally in different niches to make sure I'm only sharing what is working right now for people in B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) markets. I can't wait to work with you!