Most people teach list-building like this:


1. Create a lead magnet that attracts a lot of people regardless of how good of a fit they are for your products or services. 2. Send an automated email sequence. 3. Pitch.

But we don’t think that’s the smart way.


This is what profitable email list-building actually looks like:


1. Invite a consistent flow of new people into your brand.

2. Offer a smart, strategic sample (often a free opt-in) that relates to your eventual paid solution.

3. Use emails as a way to show up, teach, and engage with your new audience. Build a story they can’t ignore. Offer them your paid solutions as a part of your overall storytelling, and make sure you choose a single, clear sales method.

4. Read the data and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Adjust your engagement and sales strategy. Then repeat steps 3 and 4.


So, how does this 👆🏽compare with your current strategy?

And, how confident are you that in the next 30 - 90 days you’ll implement a strategy that grows your list with the right people and allows you to sell your products or services? Scale of 0 to 10?


If you answered anything below a 9, we want to work with you to build your email list the smart way.

SERVE is amazing.png

We created SERVE Academy (which is now bundled with 2 outrageous bonus “arsenals”) to help you connect with customers who are willing and ready to pay you.

And, we’re including TWO intimate group coaching calls (the first one to get you focused on your business model, strategy, and your lead magnet; and the second to refine your strategy and your sales process) so you DON’T feel stuck and you DO know how to get results.


Having even one email list that can generate income on-demand has been life-changing. But building multiple lists that can support us full-time each by themselves has shown us that we have something valuable to share.

Ready to build your most key business asset with us?

Regina (left) and Allie (right), here. We run several email lists, both together and independently, which have not only helped us create powerful online communities, but have also supported our lives full time . . . and much, much more.

And even though we now have a health and wellness email list of over 5,000 people (connected to a site that makes a full-time income on its own) and a business email list of over 40,000 people, we both started earning meaningfully from much smaller email lists.

Regina launched her first digital program when she had 71 people on her list . . . and she started making $1,000 per month immediately. And Allie switched business models and started making a full-time living from her services when she had less than 600 people on her list.

SERVE Academy is not just some list-building course. It is personalized coaching and just the right amount of self-paced trainings to learn how to grow an engaged audience and take them through your sales cycle. (Not sure what your sales cycle is? Don’t worry, we cover that in depth in SERVE.)

But the epic thing is, the SERVE Academy experience shares everything in such a way where you only have to truly learn it once. Then you can practice it, repeat it, and know how to grow an active customer list in any niche. That is powerful 👀.

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